Digital Assets Policy


Our Vision

  • The Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) is a non-profit member organization with a vision to become a role model for the rest of Africa on how to unlock the potential emerging technologies for real world use cases and the benefit of people and communities.
  • The Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) was founded in 2015 and officially registered in 2017 in Kenya under the societies act of Kenya.

Our Mission

  • To convene the necessary stakeholders such as government and private sector to collaborate on developing the required frameworks to assure investors and support builders in positioning Kenya as a blockchain and emerging technologies hub of Africa
  • To nurture a community and support it with all the necessary resources required to collaborate in demonstrating the capacity of blockchain and other emerging technologies in growing the welfare of people and communities in Africa

You are welcome to join us, follow us or support us in our mission and vision.

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